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Our Ethos

St. Anthony's aims to provide high quality education in a caring, supportive and Catholic environment, infused by Christ's Gospel, in order that each of our pupils is able to develop fully as an individual, well-adjusted to the wider community.


Drama at St Anthony’s is primarily concerned with the development of pupils’ imagination, self-confidence and self- esteem. Alongside this students will develop a number of key Drama Skills.

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Drama in Year 6

Throughout year 6, the work is predominantly focused on the exploration of many different character types, through the practical use of body language, facial expressions and movement.


Autumn Term - Treasure Island

In the opening term we explored Robert Louis Stevenson swashbuckling timeless classic tale of buccaneers and buried gold.

The boys begun by exploring the genre, main character and basic plot. As the lessons progressed they created their own original pirates, who formed part of Long John Silver’s new crew.

Following the original plot, the new pirate crews were taken to Treasure Island where they needed to solve a number of problems in order to escape the Island with the treasure. However their nemesis, Jim Hawkins, always seemed to be one step ahead.

Using their imagination, role-play and a number of dramatic devices the boys were fully immersed into the world of pirates.


Spring Term – Lord of The Rings

In the spring term the boys will journey to Middle-Earth to explore J.R.R Tolkien’s epic fantasy Lord of the Rings.

They will begin by examining the different races that inhabit the world and playing them in various scenarios. As the story unfolds the boys will need to use the various skills of each member of the fellowship to solve puzzles and escape the imminent dangers that face them.

There will be much more of a focus on body language, voice and movement in this term. Students will be asked to play many different characters and create clear distinctions between each of them. This means we will stand up and represent the characters and speak some of the lines – with plenty of opportunities for wearing crowns and wielding swords!


Drama in Year 7

Throughout year 7, the work is predominantly focused on the development of Speaking and Listening skills.


Autumn Term – The Musketeers

The boys begun year 7 studying the characters from Alexandre Dumas's novel, The Three Musketeers. As they become familiar with the genre, characters and historical context we started creating our own original musketeers, who formed part of Captain Treville’s Musketeer Guard.

Using their imagination, role-play and a number of dramatic devices the boys were fully immersed into the world of 17th century Paris. Working in regiments of fours and fives, the newly formed Musketeers needed to work as teams, drawing on each other’s strengths to problem solve and ensure France, and it’s King, survive!

The work enabled them to develop character language, practice their improvisational skills as well as developing their understanding of body language, movement and voice.


Spring Term – Lord of The Flies

In the spring term the boys will study Nobel Prize-winning English author William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. Set in 1954, the dystopian novel tells the story of a group of British boys stuck on an uninhabited island who try to govern themselves with disastrous results.

This term students will be working primarily with scripts, exploring voice, character, genre and motivations. Within each class the company of actors will be given an edited version of a scene to explore, learn and then block. As the lessons progress students will be select roles within their groups and begin creating their scenes. With the support of the Head of Drama, Niyazi Unugur, they will begin directing and producing a polished piece of Drama to showcase at the end of the Spring Term.



Drama in Year 8


Throughout year 8, the work is predominantly focused on Physical and Spatial Awareness, developing skills for professional performances.


Autumn Term – World War II Evacuees

At the start of year 8 the boys begun by studying the historical events of World War II. The narrative of the lessons were focused primarily on evacuees during this time, and their journey over the seven years that the war lasted.

Through live Drama session they experienced the night of the Blitz, to the train station, across the countryside and back to London seven years later they gained an understanding first hand of the traumatic events that occurred to young people across England during this time.

Using these experiences as a stimulus for their work, they then created their own tribute performances to showcase. Working with the Head of Drama, Niyazi Unugur, they were given support in the structure, staging and rehearsal, refining their performances which were then showcased at the end of the Autumn term.


Spring Term – Shakespeare & Stage Combat

Continuing with their work from year 7, Speaking and Listening, and combining with this year’s focus, Physical and Spatial Awareness, this term the boys will be exploring a Shakespearean play, taking the words off the page and onto the stage where they belong!

Shakespeare is responsible for some of the greatest plays ever written and by proxy some of the greatest fights. Studying the fights practically, students will be encouraged to perform a Shakespearean text and gain a greater understanding the plays and their staging.

The stage combat workshops will be lead and fully supported by the Head of Drama, Niyazi Unugur, who will cover the basics of unarmed stage combat skills, which are then utilised in a staging of the Shakespearian text.

Slaps, Hair-pulls, Punches, Kicks, Strangles and reactions to each move will all be covered over this unit of study. Alongside this students will be expected to choreograph, learn lines, rehearse and perform their work to their class-mates in lesson.



Drama Club

Since early November, Drama Club have begun working on Monday and Tuesday after school in their production of William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar". The cast continue to impress with their discipline and commitment. Their play will be ready to showcase in Easter 2016.






We also offer the opportunity for boys to take up LAMDA exams as an after-school activity.    

We are delighted that Bernard Krichefski, an immensely experienced television drama producer, theatre director, playwright and screenwriter is working with us.

Bernard provides coaching to pupils for the LAMDA exams in Performance (Acting) and also offers coaching in Verse and Prose speaking .

The idea is positively not to turn the children into professional actors, but to support the development of self-confidence, empathy and communication skills – something underpinning everything we already strive to do with Drama at St Anthony's.

Below are some photos from one of the LAMDA classes: